Current Concept on Oral Health

Current Concept on Oral Health: There is a special position of trust is held by the dental profession within society. For which the specialist/dentist gets a certain privileges that are not generally available to members of other position of the society. In return, the profession makes a commitment to the members of society that they will adhere to high ethical standards of conduct. The ADA (American Dental Association) Code mention in a written expression of the devoirs arising from the implicited contract between the dental profession and society. The ADA Code has three main parts in it:
1. The Principles of Ethics
2. The Code of Professional Conduct
3. The Advisory Opinions

•    Advances in Clinical Dentistry and Dental Practices
•    Esthetic Dentistry
•    Protein-mediated enamel mineralization
•    Cardiovascular disease and dentistry
•    Diabetes complications
•    Glycemic control

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